Puer Tea Benefits

Puer Tea Benefits associated with Weight loss.

Looking for benefits of Weight loss is such a popular topics in media since our world’s human population is currently vastly overweight. This problem is mostly due to metabolic disorders caused by excessive accumulation of fat from overeating and lack of exercise

One of the amazing benefits of Puer Tea is that scientists have discovered Polyphenols in Puer tea along with the chlorophyll, vitamin C, and other valuable nutrients which can be a huge benefit that is well worth taking advantage of.

Polyphenols can destroy fat; Chlorophyll can hinder the digestion and absorption into the body of cholesterol; Vitamin C can speed up the excretion of cholesterol. Thus, long term drinking of Puer tea may achieve the desired weight loss and leave the tea drinker in better health at the same time.

Puer Tea Benefit associated with Cancer Prevention

Another amazing benefit of drinking puer tea is to prevent cancers. People look for solution to prevent and heal cancers for centuries.It is known that Puer tea can fight cancers and may protect the health of diabetics and reduce the development of osteoporosis as well. The Cancer Prevention Academy of China has conducted experimental studies of tea which have yielded large amounts of data. This data has confirmed the anti-cancer and anti-mutagenic effects of tea drinking. The relatively large number of people who drink tea have been shown to present a lower incidence of cancer in the long term.

We cannot yet claim that tea can kill cancers but our studies seem to support the theory that long term tea drinking can enhance our immune systems and help prevent the development of cancers. Learn about more here tea and cancer prevention.

Puer Tea Benefit associated with Prevention of coronary heart disease

Drinking Puer tea also gives us the benefit of prevention of coronary heart disease. Please click the link below to read about heart disease. Most heart attacks happen when a blood clot suddenly cuts off the heart’s blood supply, causing permanent heart damage. According to statistics, only 1.4% of heart attacks occurred in people who drank tea regularly; 2.3 % of heart attacks to those people who drank tea occasionally and 3.1 % to non-tea-drinkers. Learn more about tea and heart diseases

If you are not sure how many cups of tea a person should consume during a day and how strong it should be in order to get the most benefit out of tea drinking, learn more here about tea benefits study

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